Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Words


3MC, which has been working with the slogan of human care technology, has always been attempting to assume an essential part in enhancing the health of human along with the medical community. Therefore, disposable products of this company can create an appropriate coverage to prevent the transmission of infections and contagious viruses and protect the patients from the threats around them. We believe that there is no final line in the quality competition, yet we are endeavoring to secure the human being - with the help of the mighty God and the use of qualified materials and academic staffs - against the threat of infectious diseases. Hoping for a day that does not have an infectious disease against mankind.


                                                                                                   Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Words        


Membership and privileges


81.png - 11.75 kb Membership of the Association of Manufacturers of Medical, Dental and Laboratory Equipment in Iran

        81.png - 11.75 kbMembership of the Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Mines, and Agriculture of Tehran

                81.png - 11.75 kb Membership of the Supporters of Standard & Quality Association) SSQA( of Iran


81.png - 11.75 kb Membership in the system of registration of job information on the World Wide Web Information Site of the Islamic Republic of Iran

        81.png - 11.75 kbObtaining the operation license from the Ministry of Industry, Mining and Trade of Iran

                81.png - 11.75 kbObtaining Permissions for manufacturing medical equipment from the Ministry of Health



Honors and presence in medical and industrial events


l.png - 350.1 kb««««««««««««Surgifix Slip

Types of Surgifix, Pre and postpartum slip

(surgifix slip)

6.jpg - 5.55 kb 

l.png - 350.1 kb«««««««Fixed Band Types

Net Bandage all types

Of Fixation

14.jpg - 473.61 kb 

l.png - 350.1 kb«««««««« Hospital Aprons

Various types of hospital aprons

(nylon and disposable clothes)


l.png - 350.1 kb«««««««««««Draw-Sheet

Types of disposable Draw-sheet




 l.png - 350.1 kb««««««««««««««« Masks

Various types of three-layer filtered

sanitary, medical, and surgical masks



 l.png - 350.1 kb«««««««««««««Clothing 

All types of medical and surgical clothing

(including: gowns, scrub pants, shorts and pillowcase)



l.png - 350.1 kb««««««««««««««««« Caps

Types of non-woven head caps

(Surgical and scrub caps)



 l.png - 350.1 kb ««««««««««Shoe  Cover

Disposable Nylon shoes cover




l.png - 350.1 kb««««««««««««Bedsheets 

Disposable hospital bedspreads and bedsheets

(perforated rolls or ready-made sheets)



l.png - 350.1 kb««««««« Surgical Gown

All types of disposable surgical gowns and

sterile drapes (champ)

9.jpg - 317.54 kb 


 l.png - 350.1 kb«««««««Sterile packages

All-in-one surgical sterile packages


10.jpg - 515.65 kb


l.png - 350.1 kb«««««««««««««« Packages



12.jpg - 509.48 kb


Company’s Staffs


3MC in two areas of production and sales has educated, expert, experienced and reflective staffs. The personnel of the company are continuously acquainted with the advancements in their work career through education and research, and have professional competencies in their areas of work. Personnel Performance is monitored and measured regularly, and in line with their professional advancement, continuous empowerment courses are provided.

                              dr.mehrdad Nejadakbari                     Mis.Zahra asghari                                Dr.M.Reza gerami

     elaheh Nejadakbari           Mis.leyla balali          saeed nejadakbari                

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Main Office: 5th floor-No 1- Golzar 1st - The beginning of the southern side of the Ponak Square-Tehran- Iran.

Postal Code:  1476777733

Tel: +98 21 44480882-3   , +98 21 44485023-5

Fax:  +98 21 44480874

Factory Address: Tehran - Saveh old road - after Adran Three ways - Nasirabad Industrial Estate - Sarv 5 Street - No C /37

Contact sales department manager:

Dr. Mohammad Reza Gerami 

Tel:        +98 912 9531299


Madaran Medical Manufacturing Company (Private Company)

Madaran Medical Manufacturing Company manufactures various types of sergifix, fixing bandage, surgeon and patient hat, hospital pads, shoe cover, three-layer and two-layer masks, aprons, bedsheets, pillow covers, different types of sheets and so on with an one-time use in hospital and clinics.

In addition to the above-mentioned products, this company produces and supplies various surgical and general hospital packages with regard to the request of its customers.